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Targeted Delivery of CNS Therapeutics

To achieve safe and effective doses of gene therapy in CNS targets (typically10¹⁰-10¹² vg/cm³), slow and controlled infusions through several micro-cannulas are required. The Neurochase drug delivery system has been designed to facilitate the accurate insertion of multiple flexible cannulas to brain targets in a short theatre time. Surgeries are pre-planned, and the tooling and workflow make the procedure simple and not dependent on individual surgeon’s technical ability (“brainless brain surgery”). Simultaneous cannula infusions can then be conducted safely in awake patients with neurological and MRI monitoring. The micro catheters are removed under local anaesthetic. We believe that our technology provides a truly scalable solution to treating neurological diseases with the direct delivery of gene and other therapies to the CNS.

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Convection Enhanced Delivery

CED is a method for distributing effective doses of therapeutics homogeneously in targeted brain volumes that cannot be achieved safely with systemic or CSF delivery. Therapies are infused into the brain via micro-catheters and can be distributed in tightly controlled doses throughout the required treatment volume. The blood brain barrier now acts to retain the therapy in the brain targets thereby minimising systemic and off-target exposure.  We believe that safe and scalable delivery of novel therapeutics by CED is achievable and will transform human health by unlocking treatments to previously untreatable neurological disorders.

Neurochase was founded by a team of physician-scientists led by Professor Steven Gill in response to the growing need for CED consultancy services in the life science industry. Professor Gill is an Honorary Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Bristol. He is a world leading expert in CED and has spent the past 20 years developing technology to facilitate highly accurate and safe targeting of deep brain structures using software and surgical robots. He is a widely published, world-leading expert in Functional Neurosurgery having pioneered the targeting of novel brain structures to improve the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and tremor. He also carried out the first clinical trial of infusing GDNF directly into the brain which demonstrated the potential to reverse Parkinson’s disease. 

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